Neglect and Decay: New direction

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New direction

So I decided to do some changes given the way my original work looked. After a long discussion and thought I decided to keep with the neglect and decay of a person emotionally. What I did was set up my camera and told my model to sit in front of the camera. At first she did what every human being does in front of a camera, she posed. However after continuously shooting her over and over and over again, hundreds of images later, I broke her barriers down, she became comfortable with herself and who she is and what she is really feeling and going though at that moment enough for me to capture her. Instead of the shooting the decay after the fact, I chose to document the entire thing.

As far as layout, I was thinking this would be an effective way of displaying the original image and the final images together while also highlighting the images I shot in between. This would be a full bleed layout, and yes some images may be cut off, or I could adjust the images in the middle so that it wouldn't be a problem.

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