Neglect and Decay: Storytelling

Monday, April 11, 2011


I don't have any images ready yet, but will soon.

I want to focus on neglect and relationships (family/friends/love). I started by photographing myself talking aloud of a personal specific story of neglect, using low key lighting because I wanted to capture the moments of body gestures and the positive/negative spacing, etc etc. I couldn't expect someone to share their story if I wasn't willing to share my own. The identity is of no importance because it's not about the person, it's about the story. After more thought, I figured I was going about this the wrong way because I wanted to capture emotions and gestures, which the photographs weren't enough. I wanted to best explore the meaning of neglect (lack of attention and care or a passive form of abuse) and people have trusted me with secrets that they are ashamed of and I feel the best way to uphold their trust while still using their stories was to film myself telling them. I did not want the gestures and feelings staged and the best way to document it was to film. I will take stills from the video of the various stories I share on their behalf. With each picture, I will include a sentence of text supporting/explaining the image.

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